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Look Inside Your Body Flap Book

We’ve settled into a morning habit of her bringing a book to our bed so we can read to ease ourselves into the day. Today’s was this flap book we’ve had for several years now but had apparently been swallowed up by the piles of books, dolls and ponies she has around her room. I forgot how cute these are, but also how much is in them! Why do we get scabs? How fast does a sneeze travel? Why do we get dizzy when we spin? Why do we sometimes get sleepy after eating a big meal?

Senses, bones and muscles, organs, digestive system - lots of bite-size bits of info to happily satisfy the most inquisitive of readers! More Details…

Fun With Flaps

Colorful and playful, this one encourages little readers to interact with the story while learning new words. Have children point out the new and different animals on each page. And ask them to guess what they think will be behind each flap as a way to begin teaching story prediction. More Details…